[Beowulf] found this amusing

Joe Landman landman at scalableinformatics.com
Thu Jun 19 12:39:43 PDT 2008

Not wholly OT ...

Running some benchmarks for a customer, and doing a little baseline 
performance gathering.  This is Windows 2008 RC2 32 bit on one of our 
JackRabbit units.

Well, it appears that there is either a bug in the performance counter, 
or the JackRabbit is simply too fast ...

Have a look at http://scalability.org/images/Screenshot-small-1.png . 
The other measures seem to be working properly.  Average is ~1.35 GB 
(writes) but it bounces around a bit.  Looks like it overflows at 2^31-1 
or so ...  So we hit these bursty regions we get into that ... negative 
... performance :)

Either that or we are doing something horribly wrong (won't discount 
that either).  At least it is amusing.

Back to your regularly scheduled cluster.

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