[Beowulf] OFED/IB for FC8

Rainer Finocchiaro rainer at lfbs.RWTH-Aachen.DE
Thu Jun 5 02:38:24 PDT 2008

Hi Michael,

Greg Lindahl schrieb:
>> All the OFED rpm's for FC6 installed on FC8 without difficulty, 
>> except for opensm-3.0.3-0.ppc64.rpm
> This is the cause of most of your subsequent problems. Without an SM
> running somewhere on your network, the links don't come fully up.
> There are mailing lists devoted to OFED that you could ask
> on. Building the software from scratch is probably the most
> straight-forward way to get something that works.
> -- greg

I completely agree with Greg. I will add some comments, as I have just 
installed the distribution (the hard way: under Debian).

Following your link, I reach a download directory offering only 
ppc64-RPMs; in fact all precompiled RPMs for OFED-1.2.5 are for Power PC 
and not for x86.

You could try OFED-1.2, where all the precompiled RPMs are for x86_64, 
which should be suitable for your processor, acutally depending on the 
type of distribution you installed (32bit vs. 64bit).

Much better is to download more up-to-date OFED-1.3 sources. The package 
includes an install script, which builds and installs the RPMs for you. 
So you don't have to "fear" to install something which is not controlled 
by your package management system (RPM).


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