[Beowulf] Stroustrup regarding multicore

Ed Hill ed at eh3.com
Fri Aug 29 10:15:24 PDT 2008

On Fri, 29 Aug 2008 16:44:46 +0100 Tim Cutts <tjrc at sanger.ac.uk> wrote:
> On 28 Aug 2008, at 3:34 pm, saville at comcast.net wrote:
> >
> > I respectfully request we keep the emails limited to
> > beowulf-related topic. Please take your conversations about
> > scientists-programmers offline.


> So one could
> argue that getting the programming culture right is actually *more*
> important than some of the technical details we like to get so bogged
> down in.

Absolutely !!!

The "roll your own" ethic is arguably THE central theme of beowulf-
syle computing and it applies to all aspects: hardware, software,
wetware, ...

The parts do not exist in isolation.  Understanding how things work, how
they fit together, and how the whole can be improved is a worthwhile


ps - To the original poster: 
     If the email traffic is overwhelming then I suggest you 
     use the *computer* to help you.  Setup filtering.  Create 
     a kill-file.   Write a machine learning application that
     categorizes and orders the incoming messages according to 
     your evolving preferences -- and then by all means feel 
     free to run it on a cluster and tells us how it performs.

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