[Beowulf] Network setup crash??

amjad ali amjad11 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 27 08:09:27 PDT 2008


I use to shutdown my Rocks 5 based Beowulf cluster of 4-nodes, when it
is unused.

Today when I restarted my Rocks5 frontend, it showed errors syaing
"Network is unreachable" and saying during startup of sge_master it
shows with comlib error.

When I logon as root and type "network service restart" the it again
says problems like.

SIOCADDRT: No such device
SIOCADDRT: No such device
SIOCADDRT: Network is unreachable

When I type "ifconfig" it only show loopback setting; neither eth0 nor eth1.
when I try "su - amjad"
the it try to generate/add ssh key for the user but fails. Error
messages include:

cannot create /home/amjad/.ssh
/home/amjad/: no such file or directory.

What happened to my cluster? Solution?


Amjad Ali.

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