[Beowulf] Stroustrup regarding multicore

Perry E. Metzger perry at piermont.com
Tue Aug 26 14:47:01 PDT 2008

Alan Louis Scheinine <alscheinine at tuffmail.us> writes:
> I found some useful books in C++, I could not remember the names
> because they are at home so I looked in Amazon to jog my memory.
> I'm in shock
> Search word "C++" (search within Amazon, not Google)
> 20,176 results
> Search word "C++ scientific" (search within Amazon, not Google)
> 337 results
> The wealth of information must be disorientating to a scientist
> that wants to learn C++.  Of course, one can read specialized
> mailing lists to get more refined recommendations.

The right book to start with is Stroustrup's own "The C++ Programming

That is not, however, to say that I particularly like C++, but there
is little reason not to learn from the horse's mouth.

If you're learning C, K&R is the right book, though it will not teach
you one feature that a Fortran programmer switching to C will want to
know, which is how to deal with passing variable length arrays.

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