[Beowulf] Seeing ECC errors since upgraded from Opteron 246 to 275

Paulo Afonso Lopes pal at di.fct.unl.pt
Sun Aug 24 04:48:00 PDT 2008

> On Wed, Aug 06, 2008 at 02:56:51PM -0500, Jason Clinton wrote:
>> We have a tool on our website called "breakin" that is Linux
>> patched with K8 and K10f Opteron EDAC reporting facilities. It can
>> usually find and identify failed RAM in fifteen minutes (two hours at
>> most). The EDAC patches to the kernel aren't that great about naming
>> the correct memory rank, though.
>> Make sure you have multibit (sometimes says 4-bit) ECC enabled in your
>> BIOS.
>> http://www.advancedclustering.com/software/breakin.html
> I just gave this a try, and it seems to be a very nicely packaged
> utility. Thanks for making it available. I've used some similar stuff
> before, but this is really easy.
> -- greg

After more than a week of testing I can assert :-) that the cause was poor
power, as the UPS was operating outside its envelope. Since I
re-distributed the load, moving some nodes to other UPS'es, errors went

Thanks for all the suggestions,


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