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Joe Landman landman at scalableinformatics.com
Sat Aug 23 07:30:47 PDT 2008

Gerry Creager wrote:

>>> In that time frame here was an SGI internal marketing T-shirt that 
>>> Intel squashed....
>>> The theme was "Attitude inside" inside a image invoking swoosh that 
>>> the Intel
>> I remember going to a meeting in Mtn View and hearing about that ... 
>> But I thought that the one that was rejected was actually "Satan 
>> Inside".   I think a few were printed, somewhere.
> I thought "Satan Inside" was a play on NetSaint network monitoring...

There was a Satan network security tool ... I might be mixing a few 
things up, but one of the guys I worked with at SGI showed me the logo 
and I fell off my chair laughing.

I do remember hearing about attitude-inside.

>>> marketing folk had issue with.
>> No doubt!

One of the saddest things about working at SGI at the time (late 90s) 
was the almost complete lack of outbound marketing.  We had some of the 
coolest videos (I think I still have the Mars explorer one on video 
tape) that we could never show outside of the company.  I liked to tell 
people that we had the greatest products ... that no one knew about.  We 
had a great cast of talent (I am still in awe of what SGI had 
assembled).  And we still failed.

If no one knows what you are doing, it almost doesn't matter that you 
are doing it, if you measure success by how many people acquire your 


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