[Beowulf] new flash SSDs

Mikhail Kuzminsky kus at free.net
Tue Aug 19 11:11:53 PDT 2008

FYI: Intel presented on IDF new SATA 2.5" SSDs (based on NAND flash) 
for servers. This SSDs (X25-E Extreme, 32 GB) support command queueing 
(32 operations), R/W throughput = 250/170 MB/s, 75 usec read latency. 
35000 writes per second and 3300 reads per second - for 4 KB blocks. 
64 GB SDD is awaiting in Q1'2009.

I hope this will lead to decrease of SSD market price. Unfortunately I 
have no information about prices and about lifetime.

But I'm not too enthusiastic about prices: even Samsung PATA 2.5"/32 
GB SDD costs about $300, IBM SATA are much more expensive. 

Mikhail Kuzminsky
Computer Assistance to Chemical Research Center
Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry

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