[Beowulf] Infinipath memory parity errors

Mark Kosmowski mark.kosmowski at gmail.com
Thu Aug 14 11:47:58 PDT 2008

> > Which driver is active?  Which Infinipath software release
> > is installed?  The tool "ipath_control -i" can show which...
> QLogic kernel.org driver
>  00: Version: Driver 2.0, InfiniPath_QLE7140, InfiniPath1 4.2, PCI 2, SW Compat 2
> I think this is a 2.1 distribution, whereas there's at least 2.2 now
> available.
> > The kernel.org/ofed driver does not have as rich a set of error recovery
> > code for this card as the shipped driver.   The recovery code was seen
> > as a badness and not accepted by the kernel.org folk....
> Hmm...
> > With a kernel update the driver will not have been recompiled
> > and the kernel.org driver would become active.
> [Actually it wasn't just a kernel update -- the SuSE 9.3 system disk was
> removed and replaced by a 10.3 one shortly after I arrived, trashing all
> the configuration, so I'm a little at sea, without infiniband
> experience.]

Have you tried searching for Infinipath drivers at the SUSE 10.3
repositories?  If you're using OpenSUSE rather than SLED / SLES,
perhaps it would be worth checking the community build repository too.
 Maybe someone has already done the build work for you.  I'm
continually amazed at the useful stuff I find there that I was certain
I'd have to build for myself.

For that matter, a clean install may be in order as a last resort.

Good luck!

> > Look for this stuff in the Install Guide.
> >
> >       #   To rebuild the drivers, do the following (as root):
> >       # cd /usr/src/infinipath/drivers
> >       # ./make-install.sh
> >       # /etc/init.d/infinipath restart
> I didn't realize that there's a driver significantly different from the
> kernel.org one, and haven't had time to read up enough.  I'll give it a
> go when we can restart the relevant nodes.
> Many thanks for the info.

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