[Beowulf] Building new cluster - estimate

Joe Landman landman at scalableinformatics.com
Fri Aug 8 19:18:57 PDT 2008

Matt Lawrence wrote:

> I really would like to have it all in one package.  It's too easy to get 
> things out of sync when doing changes by hand.  I was figuring to find 
> the appropriate sections of the CentOS spec file and use them.  As 
> always, other suggestions are welcome.

You can add this in to the spec file that the make command generates. 
 From my experience in dealing with the spec files from Redhat and SuSE 
my advice is, again, don't waste your time.

mkinitrd is done in a post section of the kernel install.  Here is what 
I used for the kernel:

mkinitrd -v  --with=sd_mod  --with=libata --with=ata_generic \
	--with=ata_piix --with=pata_acpi \

Then the grub manipulation is done with grubby

	grubby --add-kernel=/vmlinuz-  	\
		--initrd=/initrd-	\
		--make-default			\

So, add these two in to the spec file, and

	rpmbuild -bb kernel.spec


	rpmbuild -bs kernel.spec

Again, none of this is hard, and you can add it in to the %post section 
by hand.  The generated spec file is a good working spec file and will 
work on RHEL and variants, SuSE and variants, as well as others.  But 
grubby is specific to RHEL variants last I checked.  This is why they 
don't generate a %post for you which does all this for you.  Similar 
with mkinitrd.  You can add it in and go from there.


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