[Beowulf] Torque manager

Don Holmgren djholm at fnal.gov
Wed Aug 6 15:37:40 PDT 2008

Very likely, the server parameter "query_other_jobs" is set to false in your
Torque configuration.  Try setting this to true, via for example
    qmgr -c 'set server query_other_jobs=true'

Don Holmgren

On Wed, 6 Aug 2008, Lei Qiao wrote:

> Hello, forks,
> I am currently building a small Beowulf cluster and using Torque manager to 
> schedule batch jobs. Now I have a problems with Torque command 'qstat'. as the 
> manual said, all users' jobs can be seen when the command is issued. But for 
> my case, I only see the my own jobs when i login with a regular user but i can 
> see it when login with a root user ( before check the jobs, I remotely login 
> with other regular users to run some jobs with 'qsub -l nodes=1 ./run.sh')
> I guess the reason is ssh and permission configuration. the root can access 
> any user in any machine without password, whereas the regular user can not 
> access the information of other users. Does anyone has similar experience or 
> have the solution? Thanks for your help in advance.
> by the way, my cluster is Fedora Core 6 based, and good when running C program 
> with MPI. Firewall is enabled and ssh, NFS and NIS is allowed.
> Lei Qiao
> Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
> School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
> University of Rochester
> Rochester, NY 14627

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