[Beowulf] Torque manager

Lei Qiao jimqiao at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 6 09:29:26 PDT 2008

Hello, forks,

I am currently building a small Beowulf cluster and using Torque manager to schedule batch jobs. Now I have a problems with Torque command 'qstat'.
as the manual said, all users' jobs can be seen when the command is issued. But for my case, I only see the my own jobs when i login with a regular user but i can see it when login with a root user ( before check the jobs, I remotely login with other regular users to run some jobs with 'qsub -l nodes=1 ./run.sh')

I guess the reason is ssh and permission configuration. the root can access any user in any machine without password, whereas the regular user can not access the information of other users. Does anyone has similar experience or have the solution? Thanks for your help in advance.

by the way, my cluster is Fedora Core 6 based, and good when running C program with MPI. Firewall is enabled and ssh, NFS and NIS is allowed.

Lei Qiao
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
University of Rochester
Rochester, NY 14627

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