[Beowulf] fftw2, mpi, from 32 bit to 64 and fortran

Glen Beane glen.beane at jax.org
Fri Aug 1 11:34:50 PDT 2008

Mark Hahn wrote:
>> I've scourged the net for answers to no avail and the fftw project 
>> seems to have grinded to a halt. Maybe someone has had this problem 
>> and can throw some light.
> I don't know the status of the project, but fftw is definitely still
> widely used, and definitely works in 64b.
>> I've coded a small program that reads a vorticity field, uses FFTW2 to 
>> send it from the physical to the spectral space and then computes its 
>> energy spectrum. Everything works in my laptop (32 bit, Linux), 
>> serial, threaded and mpi (using openmpi). In a 64 bit machine the mpi 
>> version kaputs. Any thoughts?
> 32-64 problems usually stem from someone conflating ints and pointers.
> we have fftw2 installed on all our machines, which are all 64b (for years).
> no reports of problems.

I am also using fftw2 on our 64-bit Linux cluster without any issues

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