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Samuel Pichardo sammeuly at yahoo.ca
Fri Nov 23 14:59:18 PST 2007

First post in this group, even if I'm subscribed since a few months

As other people indicated, personally I use Matlab mainly becasue a lot of toolboxes are missing or incomplete in Octave. It is a considerable effort  to migrate your code. I tried once, but  I have too much code and the missing parts were too many so I gave up.  And there is also the IDE. I know that some people hate it and some other like it. In my CentOS 5 box,  r2007a runs flawlessly and for the debugging the IDE is pretty convenient.  But it is really a matter of preference. 

I also use Matlab compiled programs in our small 10 nodes cluster. Since they are compiled, you don't need any license per node, you just need to deploy in the nodes the required distribution files. I'm using the wrapping of LAM/MPI done by Javier Fernndez (MPTIB) and I couldn't been even more happy. Matlab deals with all the formatting, saving, and main flow, and each node runs internally mainly compiled C mex files. 

I could move on to the version of Javier of Octave of MPTIB, but again, I would still go back to Matlab for some specific functions not yet available in Octave.

Anyways, Octave has also some amazing displaying facilities when linked to VTK with Octaviz. But the big missing part is the support for non-triangle patches. 

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