[Beowulf] I/O workload of an application in distributed file system

Qiuye Wang qiuyew at gmail.com
Wed Nov 21 12:36:26 PST 2007

Hello list,

i was trying to find some info about the i/o-access of secondary
storage of applications, which uses the distributed file system. And
it seems that it's not the popular topic. 

I've found a paper about penguinometer, there is some discriptions
about the access specification of some applications on a local file
sytem (eg. database, webserver and so on). But i want to find more
info on distributed file systems (eg. checkpoint read/write). 

Could anyone please give me some hints, i'll really appreciate.

PS: i'm not sure if my question is out of the range of this list,
since it is relevant to distributed computing, i think maybe there is
a hope.:)


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