[Beowulf] help on building Beowulf

润东 万 rundongwan at yahoo.com.cn
Thu Nov 15 11:50:27 PST 2007

Hi, there,
  First let me salute your dedicated contribution to the beowulf society. Especially I, a newcomer,  have benefitted huge from your online resource and your QAs. 
  I am thinking of building a Beowulf of 17 dual-core nodes, one head node and 16 computation nodes for material research simulation. I am also a newcomer to the simulation world, but I have some programming experience (no parellel programming), knowledge of Unix operating system and a few shell scripting experience. Equipped with your resorce, I think I can build a new Beowulf.
  A few questions.
  1. Is Myrinet expandable? 
  I mean, if at first, I buy Myrinet for 16 nodes, should I buy more if I add more nodes to the Beowulf?
  2. When you do Monte-carlo or simulation, do you use commercial software like MCNPX or Geant4? Which MD simulation and first principle package  
  would you recommend? Will it be good to install them all in one Beowulf?
  I am looking forward to your guide.
  Rundong Wan

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