How bleeding edge are people with kernels (Was Re: [Beowulf] impressions of Super Micro IPMI management cards?)

stephen mulcahy smulcahy at
Tue Nov 13 03:15:24 PST 2007

Chris Samuel wrote:
> But as soon as we went to the mainline kernel (started at, 
> currently at those problems went away.


This prompted me to wonder how close to the bleeding edge people in
clusterland are living with regard to Linux kernel versions?

We've Debian stable deployed on our main customer's cluster and I'm
inclined to run with their latest stable kernel (a flavour of 2.6.18
with some patches at the moment) rather than going with the latest release.

My understanding is that the "stable" kernel in 2.6 isn't quite the
stable kernel we had in 2.4 (with commensurate pros and cons to that

If people are on the bleeding edge, how well do you hammer on a kernel
before rolling it into production? In terms of cost-benefit, I think
we're better off where we are at the moment, just curious where others are.



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