[Beowulf] MD check/scrub

Mark Hahn hahn at mcmaster.ca
Tue Nov 13 08:32:18 PST 2007

>> not me.  raid is too important to be trusted to hardware - have you
>> tried MD's check/scrub features?
> Yes, now. Or rather, Peter Kjellström has.
> If a raid 6 stripe has a corrupted block, it seems md "repairs" the
> damage by recalculating the parity blocks. Less than ideal...

pardon my density, but what is the alternative?  or do you mean that 
rather than scrubbing, you'd prefer to leave the stripe degraded by 
one of two parity checks?  or just that the system (md, disk, whichever)
should spare the block rather than trying to "fix" it?

thanks, mark hahn.

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