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> Does anyone have the SPECint_base2000 figures for the new 
> intel harpertowns?

There are no published #s at www.spec.org on SPECint_base2006 --
SPECint_base2000 is obsolete, so you won't see any results posted on
that metric.  According to Wikipedia, these will be named Xeon E54xx and
Xeon X54xx.  At SPEC, there are no CPU2006 results with 'E54' or 'X54'
in the CPU name.

Wikipedia says that the launch will be on 11/11, so you should see
SPECint_base2006 results soon.

> Will they perform much better then Clovertown in this.

An article at Anandtech on database performance
 suggests the increase in performance will be small -- more when you
include performance per watt.  On SPECint, the larger L2 cache (6MB vs.
4MB per 2 cores) will probably help some, but not as much as for SPECfp.


> Thanks
> Andy
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