[Beowulf] OT? GPU accelerators for finite difference time domain

Massimiliano Fatica mfatica at gmail.com
Fri Mar 30 23:12:37 PDT 2007

If you want to use GPUs for computations, I suggest that you take a look at CUDA
(http://www.nvidia.com/cuda). The SDK is available for free and  it is
using a C like syntax (so you don't need to write shader and be
familiar with OpenGL or DX9 ).


On 3/28/07, Peter Wainwright <prw at ceiriog.eclipse.co.uk> wrote:
> Slightly off-topic for this list, but I can't think of a more
> likely forum to find information on HPC topics.
> A couple of colleagues just returned from the "Progress in
> Electromagnetics Research Symposium" in Verona.  There appears
> to be a considerable buzz now around FDTD calculations on GPUs.
> A number of companies seem to be producing products on those
> lines (Acceleware, EM Photonics are names I have come across).
> I discovered gpgpu.org which seems to have some general
> information on the GPU approach.
> Has anyone any experience of this? How do these products stack
> up against the traditional Beowulf solution?
> We are planning to buy a new Beowulf in the next few months. I'm
> wondering whether I should set aside some funds for GPU instead
> of CPU...
> Peter Wainwright
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