[Beowulf] Performance characterising a HPC application

Richard Walsh rbw at ahpcrc.org
Mon Mar 26 14:16:35 PDT 2007

Kozin, I (Igor) wrote:
>> real codes that computes a minimum. However, an alltoall on many 
>> cores/nodes would exercise the same metric (many sends/recvs on the same 
>> NIC at the same time), but would be harder to cheat and be much more 
>> meaningful IMHO.
> Could not agree more. We are certainly seeing that Alltoall 
> is probably the third (after Stream Triad and PingPong) metric 
> you want to know about your system in order to predict/assess real 
> application performance.
    Exchange in IMB/PMB should also be mentioned.  It reflects the needs
    of the Halo exchange algorithms that Greg referred to.


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