[Beowulf] The recently solved Lie Group problem E8

Michael Hannon jmh at physics.ucdavis.edu
Fri Mar 23 15:58:29 PDT 2007

Peter St. John wrote:
> I wish I know more about the SAGE (machine) that hosts the SAGE 
> (software) that was used for this, but apparently washington.edu 
> <http://washington.edu>'s web server can't handle the CNN exposure as 
> well as their number cruncher can crunch numbers. They are still down.
> Peter

See the appended blurb from one of our sales guys.

					- Mike

I thought you might find this interesting. The 8-way opteron system is a 
Western Scientific FusionA8 with 64GB RAM.  It ran some high profile 
calculations, which have appeared in the national news today ("Sage 
Supercomputer" refers to the machine):



It's an article about the recent calculation of the character table
of E8, which was done on sage.math... here's how the BBC put it:

"Conceptualizing, designing and running the calculations took a team
  of 19 mathematicians four years. The final computation took more than
  three days' solid processing time on a Sage supercomputer."

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