[Beowulf] What is a "proper" machine count for a cluster

Mathew Shember mshember at synplicity.com
Wed Mar 14 11:16:54 PDT 2007

Hello all,

A brand new noob entering this realm.

I want to initiate a project involving a beowulf cluster.   I have two 
engineers who are VERY interested.

Anyway.   I was wondering what would be a "decent" amount of equipment 
to start off and the preferred linux if any.

I know the basic answer is "it depends" on the app.

I am just wondering what is a reasonable amount of computers to allocate 
for playing around.

I was thinking 4 pentiums with dual gig processors.  Ram would be a gig 
or more.

Thanks for reading this.

Back to reading the links.....

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