[Beowulf] A start in Parallel Programming?

Lombard, David N dnlombar at ichips.intel.com
Tue Mar 13 11:49:35 PDT 2007

On Tue, Mar 13, 2007 at 12:33:50PM -0500, Peter St. John wrote:
> Brown Dai-Sensei-Sama,
> Re: FORTRAN, for awhile there we didn't really compile it, but translate it
> to C and then invoke the C compiler. That gets you the beauty of the IMSL
> libraries and the efficiency of very sharply maintained C compilers, at the
> same time.

Hmm, FORTRAN was around long before C was even a gleam in Dennis' eyes ;)

>            Is there a good extant FORTRAN compiler? I wonder why, fortran is
> easy to express in C (unlike conceptually variant languages, like APL or
> LISP).

Actually, outstanding Fortran compilers are available today.  As for why,
"expressable in another language" shouldn't be confused in any way, shape, or
form with "performs well another language."

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