[Beowulf] network filesystem

Mark Hahn hahn at mcmaster.ca
Sun Mar 4 09:38:26 PST 2007

>> In my humble opinion, I think you can start with NFS (but using at least
>> NFSv4)
> How stable/usable is the Linux NFSv4 implementation these days ?

why V4?
- security.  within a cluster, I don't see the point to, say, kerberos.
- compound rpcs.  probably provides somewhat better efficiency.
- open/close, byte-range locking.  I don't see much demand.
- client caching/delegation/leases - could be valuable for efficiency.

I find that nfsv3 works fine for moderate IO on O(100) clients.
I would be very interested to know whether others have observed 
performance benefits for v4, and whether it's an easy upgrade,
such as no new/onerous security framework ('framework' is always 
a danger sign for me ;)

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