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Daniel Navas-Parejo Alonso danapa2000 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 2 14:26:46 PST 2007

In my humble opinion, I think you can start with NFS (but using at least
NFSv4), and see what happens, for instance, what's the real disk access
pattern of your cluster, in terms of amount of IOPS, average BW usage, and
read/write pattern.

It could be interesting to know not only what's gonna be the file server,
but what's the underlying storage subsystem, and the network requirements. I
mean, the server could be big, the network sth like IB or Myrinet, and then
you can be serving files that reside on a copule of internal disks so
performance would sink...

Anyway, I've seen some NFS file servers in that cluster size, I'd suggest
try it and check if this is enough for your applications.

Hope this helps,

2007/3/1, jaime.perea at gmail.com <jaime.perea at gmail.com>:
> Hi,
> I have a small (16 dual xeon machines) cluster. We are going to add
> an additional machine which is only going to serve a big filesystem via
> a gigabit interface.
> Does anybody knows what is better for a cluster of this size, exporting
> the
> filesystem via NFS or use another alternative such as a cluster filesystem
> like GFS or OCFS?
> Thanks in advance
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