[Beowulf] Amber 8 Execution problem

Tom Elken tom.elken at qlogic.com
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Hi Sangamesh,

Sounds like a linking problem rather than execution ...	
	Hi All,
	I installed AMBER8 on Opteron Dual core, dual processor, Rocks
cluster with the following options/libraries: 
	Compiler: Intel 9 Fortran and C++ compilers.
	Blas Library: MKL8
	MPI: MPICH2 compiled with Intel compiler.
	its giving: 
	symbol lookup error:       undefined symbol:
	I guessed, this might relate to MKL library. 

Sounds like a safe bet.
	During 'make' it was taking MKL lib*.so files from
$MKL_HOME/lib/32 (in config.h file).
	Changed $MKL_HOME/lib/32 to $MKL_HOME/lib/64 since the arch is
AMD64 opteron. 
      But it is giving incompatible - libvml.so file.
	I'm not getting why this error is coming. 

The MKL library is highly targetted at Intel CPUs and you are using AMD

Unlike Intel, AMD offers a free math library tuned to their processors:
is the free download page.  Choose a version compatible with your Intel
Fortran compiler.  

That is probably your easiest solution and the way to the best
performance on Opteron.


	Any help for this will be appreciated. 
	Thanks & Regards,

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