[Beowulf] Re: CSharifi Next generation of HPC

Mark Hahn hahn at mcmaster.ca
Mon Dec 3 22:15:00 PST 2007

> C-Sharifi Cluster Engine: The Second Success Story on "Kernel-Level

OK, how about providing some meaty content?  google shows me that 
you've put this fairly content-light PR on several groups and websites.

> as Usability.  Although the latter belief was hard to realize, a sample

why was it hard?  there have been a fair number of several kernel-based
dist-OS approaches (MOSIX comes to mind, but scyld, and also a host of older
academic systems.)

> byproduct called DIPC was built purely based on this thesis and openly
> announced to the Linux community worldwide in 1993.  This was admired for
> being able to provide necessary supports for distributed communication at
> the Kernel Level of Linux for the first time in the world, and for providing

page-based distributed shared memory has been done many, many times,
and operate in a very easy-to-understand manner (like a cache with 4KB 
rather than 64KB lines.)  can you quantify the advantage to managing
the DSM in the kernel?  I'm sure you're aware that "playing MMU games"
is not highly regarded in many circles because of its slowness - 
have you figured out a way around that?

regards, mark hahn.

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