[Beowulf] SPEC MPI2007

Tom Elken elken at pathscale.com
Wed Apr 25 09:44:49 PDT 2007

Hi Håkon,

you wrote:
I just read 

I am lacking applications using MPI_Alltoall and MPI_Alltoallv - these 
are important dimensions to evaluate. Anyone who knows about any 
suitable benchmark candidates?

Thanks, Håkon

Thanks for the publicity on the forthcoming cluster-relevant 
benchmark-suite from SPEC.  It is due to be launched at ISC'07 in 
Dresden in late June.  I am on the SPEC HPG committee that is developing 
the SPEC MPI2007 benchmark suite, and we would welcome more members to 
participate in developing these benchmarks, including Scali :)

Are you lacking "applications using MPI_Alltoall and MPI_Alltoallv" or 
are you pointing out their lack in MPI2007?

Thanks for pointing this out to us.  I did some searching and a 
molecular dynamics code named CPMD   and a weather code named Hirvda (an 
"operational weatherforcast used by several weather centers in Europe") 
  both use MPI_Alltoall extensively.

I hope these applications will suit your needs.  If others on the list 
can suggest more of these types of applications, that would be great.

It is too late for adding candidate codes for the initial release of 
MPI2007 which ships with what is called "medium" datasets.  There are 
plans for more scalable versions of the suite in the future with at 
least Large and perhaps XL datasets.  With those releases there is the 
possibility to add more codes, and we will seriously consider codes that 
use MPI_Alltoall*.

Tom Elken
QLogic Corporation

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