[Beowulf] Need help on running mpi on different hosts

Aydin Misirlioglu misirli at itu.edu.tr
Fri Apr 20 01:11:38 PDT 2007


I have a problem about running mpi on 2 SGI IRIX mavhines. I have 1
Origin2000 machine with 4 processors and 1 Origin3000 with 32 processors.
Mpi is running on array services on both nodes. When I try to run my program
on one machine it works ok. For example

"At first_node : mpirun -a my_array second_node 2 my_code" works,  
"At second_node : mpirun -a my_array first_node 2 my_code" works as well.  

But whenever I run the code on both nodes using 

mpirun -a my_arrray first_node, second_node 2 my_code 

it doesn't work. Mpirun spawns the codes on both nodes but does not execute
anything. I have no problem on accessing the remote nodes, I set all the
necessary array authentication options properly, .rhosts, hosts.equiv files,
etc. as suggested by mpirun man pages. I compiled the code at each node and
set the directories correctly. Even the example "Hello World" program does
not run. 

Any help on this issue will be greatly appreciated, 



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