[Beowulf] Survey on beowulf.org -- and a drawing for a video iPod

Bill Rankin wrankin at ee.duke.edu
Fri Apr 13 13:46:49 PDT 2007

>> I'm glad I'm not the only one that had that problem.   For any  
>> relatively large site, you're going to end up with a mostly custom  
>> configuration, even if you start with a vendor's products.
> Ya, well, I just said exactly that in my own response.  Question  
> one is
> a text box, at least, not a bulleted list.

True.  The problem that I had in filling in that box is a question of  
"are we talking hardware or software?".  As Sean pointed out earlier,  
with a home-rolled solution, the question becomes one of which HW  
vendor gives the best support for cluster component purchases.  When  
taken in the context of the various "cluster-in-a-box" solutions, the  
question becomes one of which distribution do you like the best?

But heck, with the prospect of winning an iPod, I did my best to  
answer both :-)


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