[Beowulf] Survey on beowulf.org -- and a drawing for a video iPod

stephen mulcahy smulcahy at aplpi.com
Wed Apr 11 02:09:13 PDT 2007

Tim Cutts wrote:
> I find the initial question essentially impossible to answer.  The whole
> point of beowulf computing is that you can build it out of almost
> anything.  Most of the software is community driven.  The ideas are
> community driven.  The leaders are the community, not any one company. 
> The hardware is commodity.  I can't even name one when pushed to; I
> don't use any cluster software I had to buy, and the vendors who made my
> hardware are pretty much incidental - I could have used anyone.
> And that answer to the first question makes the subsequent questions
> even more impossible to answer.
> Looks like I don't get the video iPod.  :-)

As a relative newcomer to the HPC scene I'm inclined to agree that there
is no clear hpc leader to my mind. But in the interests of getting into
the draw I sat and pondered the question for a few minutes and then
opted for the company name that bobbed on the surface of my mind :)

Arguably my follow-on responses are of limited value in light of that.


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