[Beowulf] Re: Linux cluster for my college

Geoff Jacobs gdjacobs at gmail.com
Wed Apr 11 12:53:02 PDT 2007

Sandip Dev wrote:
> Thanks a lot...We are going ahead with it..Wish me luck...Will probably
> use debian...I dont wish to use a live cd thing..U dont learn anything
> that way...Will use MPI,PVM,Openmosix and OSCAR

OSCAR on Debian still isn't very mature, so you might want to look at a
different solution/distro. OpenMOSIX is interesting for a small sized
cluster. With MPI on such a machine, the process migration should be
completely automatic. Nice.

Kind of limited in which kernels it can use, though, which isn't good.

Geoffrey D. Jacobs

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