[Beowulf] Ethernet break through? off topic

matt jones jamesjamiejones at aol.com
Tue Apr 3 13:25:34 PDT 2007

 > >       Xboxes make good web servers for small scale. and use less
 > energy than a
 > >       equivalent Piii or P4 system :-)
 > gross.  webserving is so easy that tiny embedded chips to a good job,
 > and something like a via low-power would do a great job.  95% of a game
 > console would be wasted as a webserver.

indeed it would. 95% of any machine that is not designed to be a 
webserver is lost... a true webserver would be as you say just embedded 
chips, storage and net. little need for anything else. the admin can be 
done over the net.

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