[Beowulf] Ethernet break through?

Joe Landman landman at scalableinformatics.com
Tue Apr 3 07:00:23 PDT 2007

Gerry Creager wrote:

> In general, water conduction requires a continuous column of water
> unless you're willing to overdrive the signal to allow it to modulate an
> intermediate air column.  The presence of "solids" also modifies the
> index of refraction and can induce standing waves and cause you to flush
> your signal to noise ratio.  Also, the use of lift stations to continue

What occurs to me (pre-coffee) is that one could curse their network as
 being made of ... uh ... (in part) fecal material ... and be literally

Of course such cursing would occur when "packets" didn't flow as well as
they should ...

Joe Landman
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