[Beowulf] Win64 Clusters!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gerry Creager gerry.creager at tamu.edu
Tue Apr 3 06:18:04 PDT 2007

I'm reminded here of an advertisement proposed, but never actually 
published, for Data General back in its day...

"According to IBM, their entry into the minicomputer marketplace has 
legitimized it.  The Bastards say, 'Welcome!'"...


Joe Landman wrote:
> Douglas Eadline wrote:
>> I believe that if we do not protect against revisionist history, then
> [...]
> you mean like how now with WCCS2k+3 clustering and HPC is *now* 
> (suddenly magically spontaneously) "mainstream" ?
> This is just something I personally take issue with.  The entire 
> explosive growth of clustering has driven HPC hard into the mainstream. 
>  This happened long before it was a glimmer in their eyes.  6+ years of 
> explosive growth, going from noise in the statistics to dominating the 
> statistics.  Then along they came with WCCS2k+3.
> Their entry is late into the cycle.  And if you listen to the comments 
> of the senior execs, it makes one wonder how committed they are to HPC 
> and clusters as compared to how committed they are to battling Linux.
> This is not to diminish their efforts.  WCCS2k+3 is likely reasonably 
> good for some subset of groups.  Microsoft has some good people there, 
> and playing with the W2k+3 x64 on our JackRabbit unit was fun.  They 
> still need a real POSIX subsystem, and hopefully, someday, they will 
> give in, and get cygwin or mingw to be fully supported/shipping using 
> their compilers/tools.
> Though I expect to see airborn and stable flight from porcine critters 
> about the same time.  Too bad, as that would likely ease 
> adoption/porting issues.  Tremendously.

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