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Gerry Creager gerry.creager at tamu.edu
Mon Apr 2 08:15:31 PDT 2007

At least in my area, Liebert does have some competent folks who could 
help.  Tell their salesman to get one on them involved, and in general, 
don't take the Liebert salesman's word that he's necessarily competent. 
  I've run across exceptions, but the last time we got burned, it was 
pretty bad (and, no, I wasn't involved in trusting the salesman, but 
that's a whole 'nother story).


Robert G. Brown wrote:
> On Wed, 28 Mar 2007, Daniel Majchrzak wrote:
>> We have a dedicated cluster room, email server room, and networking room
>> that have slowly evolved over the years. Due to budget constraints in
>> the past no one has ever done an analysis of our electricity and AC.
>> (We've had the facilities people in, but their analysis wasn't any
>> better than our own guestimates. ) When increases in either power or
>> cooling were necessary it was either done piecemeal or not done at all.
>> (We have had some orders to come up with some "zero-dollar" solutions).
>> Now all three rooms are about to go through some equipment expansions.
>> While we can make some rough estimates, and we could go to the
>> university's facilities people, we thought we would try to get some
>> funds together to hire some professional services so that it gets done
>> right.  Has any one on the list had any experiences they would like to
>> share on hiring these kind of consultants.  Referrals?  Can anyone give
>> a (very) rough estimate of what we should expect to pay?
> My own experience with power and AC people from normal contracting firms
> is that they are immensely clueless about computer server room
> infrastructure.  I haven't ever hired a consultant, but I do consulting
> on this from time to time.  I'd guess that you'll pay perhaps $150 to
> $200/hour for consulting, but it might well depend on what kind of
> consultant you got and where you got them.  Again, based on my
> experience with area computer management contracting houses, they are
> not really competent with infrastructure issues.  A really good
> electrical contractor MIGHT have somebody.  Liebert or APC might be able
> to refer you.  An architect with experience in server room design might
> be your best bet.
>      rgb
>> Thanks,
>> Dan
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