[Beowulf] Woodcrest Memory bandwidth

Mark Hahn hahn at physics.mcmaster.ca
Mon Aug 14 12:32:30 PDT 2006

> numbers.  It seems that the fortran version of the program with pathscale 2.3 
> (the numbers I reported above) reports different numbers than the C version 
> of the program with pathscale 2.3:

my numbers were from a random stream binary I had around,
so I don't really even remember which compiler for sure
(probably pathscale 2.2.1, may well have been C rather than fortran).

recompiling with a fresh copy of the source gives me 9.4 GB/s
on my dual-socket single-core opteron 2.6 cluster, and 8.8
or so on the aforementioned 2x2 (275).

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