[Beowulf] new release of GAMMA and MPI/GAMMA

Giuseppe Ciaccio ciaccio at disi.unige.it
Thu Aug 3 06:26:15 PDT 2006


this is to inform you that a new release of the Genoa Active Message
MAchine (GAMMA) is available for download at the site

In addition to numerous bug fixes, this release also provides support
for the Broadcom ``Tigon 3'' Gigabit Ethernet chipset.  This is not yet
fully tested -- more tests at end of vacations -- but I was able to run
a ping-pong benchmark.  Compared to the Intel PRO/1000, the back-to-back
latency of ``Tigon 3'' seems quite disappointingly high (~21 usec, to
be compared with the 6 usec achieved by the Intel PRO/1000).  I think
the ``Tigon 3'' may have inherited a slow design from its ancestor (the
``Tigon 2'' found on the old Alteon AceNIC).

I've also put out (two weeks ago) a new release of MPI/GAMMA, available at
based on MPICH 1.2.7 .

Work in progress: support for Flat Neighbourhood Networks (FNN).
This is almost done; we will test it ASAP (the code is already inside this
release, but dormant).

Any feedback will be appreciated.  Thank you, and regards,

Giuseppe Ciaccio               http://www.disi.unige.it/person/CiaccioG/
DISI - Universita' di Genova   via Dodecaneso 35   16146 Genova,   Italy
phone +39 10 353 6637          fax +39 010 3536699 ciaccio at disi.unige.it

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