[Beowulf] what is the "best" file system

Tue Aug 1 14:42:20 PDT 2006

Hi, all:

  We are going to build new cluster and we are thinking about various solutions
for file I/O. We have lots embarrassed parallel applications that read huge data
(giga byte) only in the beginning and write only at the end concurrently, and
each node run job independently. What is the best file storage system for case
like this?--- I really would like to listen to some experts..if there are some
warm-hearted guru.


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Hi Jerry:

   Its generally a good idea to talk to your users, understand what it 
is they are doing, and see if you can help them, rather than simply 
"banning" things.  The result of bans of deeply embedded practices 
usually results in some ... exciting ... meetings, emails, and telephone 

   That said, we use, and our products quite a bit of Perl to submit 
jobs, and it works fine.  If you are running into particular issues, why 
not discuss them here, and likely you will get lots of good answers back.


Xu, Jerry wrote:
> Hi, I am maintaining a cluster while lots user uses perl to submit tons of
> which seems to me like abusing the system.
> Does everybody meet the same situation? Many user us system call in the perl
> do "qsub", shall I ban this? I don't know exactly why it is bad, but it looks
> me really bad. Anybody can give me a good reason to ban it with better
> explanation?
> Sincerely
> Protein
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