[Beowulf] RE: portable clusters

Jim Lux James.P.Lux at jpl.nasa.gov
Wed Nov 30 14:57:26 PST 2005

At 12:40 PM 11/30/2005, David Mathog wrote:
>Since you have to reboot the laptops by hand anyway how much more
>work would it be to slap a CD in each drive at the same time?

I think you've misunderstood the desired overall configuration.

There's only one laptop in the system, as I envision it.  The cluster is a 
sealed box, connected by a "wire" (e.g. a network cable) to the one laptop, 
which runs Windows XP.  There's one "Big red switch" on the cluster box 
that turns it on and off.   (well.. you might want a few switches.. one for 
power, and one for reset, although, with diskless nodes, it's not clear 
that power cycling isn't as good a way as any to reset the nodes)

i.e. there's no CD ROM drive on the cluster nodes.. they boot off the net.

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