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Ole W. Saastad ole at scali.com
Thu Nov 24 05:09:51 PST 2005

Temporary storage during a run can be stored at different places.

The most common is to use local disks within the compute node.
Configuring the two or more disks in a compute node to RAID 0
(failover is not an issue for scratch areas) in order to get
maximum bandwidth may yield somewhat over 100  MBytes/sec. 
In some cases more depending on number of disks and disk
controller within the node. Cheap compute nodes do not have
high performance RAID controllers.

On the other hand you might share a pool of fast scratch space.
The use of a parallel file (LUSTRE and IBRIX  are just two examples)
system with a cluster of file servers. This will yield close to wire
speed for Gigabit Ethernet (app. 115 MB/sec) per server or between
450-500 MBytes/sec if you have a parallel file system with InfiniBand
The file server cluster must be capable of delivering the needed
performance. This is another issue, but as the file systems do
scale it is just a question of more hardware (to a limit).

If you have a large cluster running several instances of an application
that only uses scratch space once now and then the chances are that
these do not overlap in time and all bandwidth to and from the file
server cluster can be used by this single application. 450 MBytes/sec
per server is more than normally seen for local disk storage.

A file server cluster of 32 file servers running a parallel file
system can serve 32 nodes at 450 MBytes/sec. Your other 96 compute nodes
are in a part of the application where they do zero file access hence
leave all bandwidth to the currently IO intensive activity.
The argument of course breaks down if all 128 nodes do IO to the scratch
area, then local disks is the only truly scalable solution, but is 
expensive to equip all compute nodes with several striped disks just
to get scratch area performance.

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