[Beowulf] Why I want a microsoft cluster...

Roland Krause rokrau at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 23 23:19:04 PST 2005


in the future you will buy a "cluster appliance" 128 blades each with 4
800Mhz Dual Core Opterons connected with IB, or 10GE or whatever, all
contained in 4 4U units for 100k or less.

You push the thing on and it runs < your application name here >

At 100k there is no room for paying Bill G's 59 bucks per node. Think
NAS and you get the idea...

Plus you don't need anybody to maintain this thingie either. Looked at
Linux lately - it basically installs itself, it maintains itself - so
what do you want? 

Besides - Windows admins are cheap indeed, but they are too busy to
remove spyware and pr0n from your boss' box so when the image needs
scaled they will call you and make you scale it...


Sorry - original post snipped...

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