[Beowulf] backbone of a large-file streaming system

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I think to startwith you need to define what you mean by large? 


Initial capacity, future upgrade needs, clinet connections, I assume it's
web based?


NFS certyainly will not handle it






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I help maintain a Web site at www.clusterbuilder.org
<http://www.clusterbuilder.org/> .   You might have seen before that I have
a section called Ask the Cluster Expert, where I am building a knowledgebase
of cluster and grid information.  When someone asks a question I am
researching the answer to build this knowledgebase out.  I received the
following question: 

"I am looking for a variety of solutions to be a backbone of a large-file
streaming system providing thousands of concurrent download streams.
Preferably commodity hardware and Linux, though I'm open to commercial

I am wondering if anyone here has suggestions of what applications will work
best for this type of setup. You can respond to the question at
<http://www.clusterbuilder.org/FAQ> www.clusterbuilder.org/FAQ or respond in



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