[Beowulf] OS for 64 bit AMD

Chris Dagdigian dag at sonsorol.org
Thu Mar 31 09:34:24 PST 2005

I second Joe's comments.

All of our Opteron systems run Suse 9.2 by default and we use Centos-4 
for "Redhat" compatible functionality when required since Redhat has 
explicitly chosen to price themselves out of the cluster market for 
everything except 2-way 32bit boxes.

Suse 9.1/9.2 on Opteron and Suse Enterprise Linux (SLES 8/9) on Itanium 
Systems (meaning our SGI Altix) have been extremely stable and useful in 
our work. Highly recommended.


Joe Landman wrote:

> Hi Mike:
>   Opterons will do better with a 2.6 kernel (2.6.9 and higher).  If you 
> are going to use RHEL, you might want to look at Rocks (RHEL3 based) or 
> Warewulf which should be able to sit atop RHEL4.  If you want to use a 
> Redhat work-alike, you might want to look closely at Centos4.
>   I am sure others will take issue with this, but I would strongly 
> advise against using a rolling beta OS (FC-x) as the basis for a 
> production cycle machine.  If it is a purely experimental cluster, go 
> for it.  If it is supposed to provide cycles to a wide group, you might 
> look more closely at a supported/supportable distribution.
>   We have had good luck with SuSE 9.x (x>=1), RHEL3, CentosX on clusters 
> using a variety of meta-distributions (warewulf, Rocks, others).  Most 
> of our customers seem to prefer the RHEL series, so we tend to work with 
> that more than others, but YMMV.
> joe
> Mike Davis wrote:
>> What OSes are Opteron clusters out there running. Is anyone running 
>> FC2 on opterons?
>> I'm looking at opterons for our next cluster, but I'm not sure about 
>> what OS to run. Thus far we've been with RH and or RHAS. But, the next 
>> cluster will be big and I'm just not sure what we should run.
>> Mike Davis
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