[Beowulf] Jumbo frame cards and switches

Art Edwards edwardsa at afrl.kirtland.af.mil
Thu Mar 24 10:02:18 PST 2005

I have spent some time looking at posts on Gb cards and Gb switches for jumbo
frames. We currently have broadcom GB BCM7501 cards and the catalyst
4000 switch. I am able to set mtu to 9000 on the cards, but I have found
out that the switch does not handle jumbo frames. My questions are:

1. If I can set the mtu to 9000, does this mean the card can actully
send and receive messages this size?

2. How much would I have to spend for a 64 port GB switch that can
handle jumbo frames? Are there vendor recommendations?

Art Edwards

Art Edwards
Senior Research Physicist
Air Force Research Laboratory
Electronics Foundations Branch
KAFB, New Mexico

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