[Beowulf] Re: Why Do Clusters Suck?

Joe Landman landman at scalableinformatics.com
Wed Mar 23 08:19:48 PST 2005

Robert G. Brown wrote:

>  <deleted>
>>or similar.
>>FWIW:  BBS is at http://www.scalableinformatics.com/BBS , is GPL, and is 
>>in active use by a number of groups/companies for testing purposes.
> Yeah, like that.  Very much like that.  I'll look into this for sure.
> Might be time to eliminate the leading "B" and just make it "BS";-).  I


> have a functioning first cut on the benchmarking tags needed for more
> general benchmarking contexts (still not adequate, but a starting point)
> implemented in my working copy of benchmaster (micro, not macro) --
> perhaps we can merge the two xmls without breaking either one of them,

Sounds good.


> Absolutely.  As I said, perhaps we can do a merge of some sort, or (xml
> being what it is) a hierarchical encapsulation.  I'm glad to see that
> this tool IS out there -- this kind of memetic exchange is what makes
> GPL development "interesting".



>>>Would that do?
>>As most of this exists in BBS now, and it is in active use, I would say 
>>yes. :)
>   I'll give it a look.  BBS does indeed look like it is within spittin'
> distance of what is required on the operational front.  We'll see if the
> xml's can be merged painlessly (probably so given that mine is defined
> mostly in my head in a single working copy of benchmaster and hence NOT
> in production, so there is little barrier to it being changed).  It
> might require too much revision for BBS to remain unbroken, though, so
> we may yet need to create "son-o-BBS".

I have been working up a roadmap for it, and the first B needs to be 
dropped or exchanged in favor of other things.  Somehow, I thought 
Cluster Benchmark System might elicit some cease and desist letters from 
lawyers, so still thinking on this ...

>    rgb

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