[Beowulf] Re: The move to gigabit - technical questions

Fringe Dweller steve_heaton at ozemail.com.au
Sat Mar 19 19:59:45 PST 2005

> When he said "vanilla", I believe he meant, "Using
> the stock Linux driver settngs with no attempt at tuning for the needs
> of my particular HPC application."  

Indeed :)

> Since he is using Intel Pro/1000 cards, he probably should also try
> using GAMMA rather than TCP/IP.

Yep, the kind of tweak that Peter Kjellström has proposed 
(InterruptThrottleRate=0) is still on the cards. As is the investigation 
of GAMMA. Two for two Andrew ;)

There's also sand pit time for the relevance of jumbo packets, falcON et 
al style Nbody hierarchy methodologies etc etc.

I'll be documenting as I go for anyone interested to follow. Generally 
Nbody code seems to push the net hard during the initial data 
distribution, burns the processors hard on the calcs then the net gets a 
squeak again when the results are assembled.

...Then when my Fair Godmother turns up with that pile of dual Opertons 
I'll be ready =)


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