[Beowulf] Grants for Beowulf Clusters

Timo Mechler mechti01 at luther.edu
Fri Mar 11 19:19:40 PST 2005

Hi all,

I'm wondering what kind of success rate people are having with obtaining
grants for Beowulf type Linux Clusters (for example, from the National
Science Foundation).  Let me give you a little bit more info as to why I'm
asking this:  I'm a junior undergraduate at a small liberal arts college
in Iowa (~2600 students), and have solely been pursuing Beowulf clusters
for well over a year now.  I believe strongly that even though that my
school is small, several departments on campus could benefit from the use
of a beowulf cluster in the research that does go on.  I've been using
older, slower machines as a proof of concept for now.  Ideally, we would
want a faster beowulf system eventually that offers significant
improvements over anything desktop pc's have to offer nowadays.  Being
that money is an issue at smaller schools, is there any I could obtain a
grant for a beowulf cluster?  If so, besides the NSF, what would be some
other sources to apply to?  Since some of you guys on this come from big
companies or Univesities, I would appreciate any insight and suggestions
you can give me.  All input is appreciated.  Thanks in advance!

Best Regards,

-Timo Mechler

Timo R. Mechler
mechti01 at luther.edu

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