[Beowulf] hpl - large problems fail

Paul Johnson redboots at ufl.edu
Thu Mar 10 12:00:23 PST 2005


I have a 4 node cluster(dont snicker :) ) and Im trying to do some 
benchmarking with HPL.  I want to test 2 of the nodes with 1Gb of
ram each.  I calculated the maximum problem size that can fit in 2Gb
and still allow for memory for the operating system.  That came out to
be around 14500x14500.  When I run that size of a test it always fails.
The largest problem that I can test and not have it fail on me is 
What is the reason behind this?  Im confused on what is going on here. 
Thanks for any help.


Paul Johnson
Graduate Student - Mechanical Engineering
University of Florida - Gainesville, Fl

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